Pasta Giuseppe Cocco

Pasta Giuseppe Cocco


Giuseppe Cocco

At the very beginning of the 20th century wheat semolina was kneaded with cold water in a mixer, and then forced through a rough-surfaced bronze mould to produce a wide sheet of pasta, or narrow strips of "spaghetti" or "linguine".

Then the pasta was cut by a machine into rough strips, which were coiled, laid onto wooden frames, and then dried out in solar heated storage-rooms. And this was all a hundred years ago.

In the village of Fara San Martino the "matasse" (coils of pasta) of "fettuccine", "Spaghetti" or "Linguine' continue to be produced this very day by Giuseppe Cocco in he same way they were in times gone by, with durum wheat semolina, fresh mountain spring water, rough-surfaced bronze moulds and drying out in solar heated storage rooms. A home-style production, just as it was at the beginning of the century.

This is the real traditional pasta. At Casa Italiana we are proud to bring this old world tradition to you in Belgium.


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