Worshippers of Casa Italiana (Facebook)

Casa Italiana is a tiny deli-cum-trattoria located on Rue Archimède in Brussels. They are open 6 days a week until 7pm and they can cook for you in the middle of the afternoon. Luca is the chef. His mother looks after the deli. A couple of friends help out in the restaurant.

People from the EU institutions as well as some journalists spend long hours at those tables. When something big happens, we're there.

When Luca cooks, the world stops. When they taste his food, men cry a little and women rip their clothes in hysterical ecstasy. Luca is a star. On top of that, he understands the importance of licking the pan. He is such a wonderful human being that some of us even considered marrying him.

Need a reason to stay in Brussels? Need comfort after a long day working with and around the EU? Lookin' for some lovin' in the form of food? Luca is your man. Come worship him with us.

Highlights include:
- the zabaglione. We swear, it's like you've died and gone to heaven.
- the vitello tonnato. As one of our sources puts it: madonna.
- the gnocchi farcitti di formaggio. As another one of our sources famously said: can't get those outta my head.


Luca Forte

Casa Italiana
Rue Archimède 37-39

Tel/Fax +32(0)2 733 40 70

Openinghours Resto :
Mon - Fri : 11h45 till 15h

Openinghours Shop :
Mon - Fri : 9h till 19h
Sat : 9h till 13h

Editor Miss Gucci